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Police Rules

Post by Adam California on Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:25 pm

Rules of Engagement

From this point forward (December 28, 2015) the use of excessive force will no longer be tolerated. Examples of excessive force include, but are not limited to:

Shooting or tazing unarmed and compliant civilians. Tazing a non-compliant subject is only permittable if the subject has been warned more than once to stop an action.

Your Vehicle: You should not “Kamikaze” yourself into civilians. If your life is threatened you may have to run over a civilian, but you should not arbitrarily crash your vehicle into others. “Pitting” other vehicles is acceptable, but this only applies to land based vehicles. You should never crash your helicopter into civilians (life threatening situations included)

Stopping Vehicles and Responding to Emergencies

These codes must be used during any situation in a vehicle, the below will explain when to use these codes.

Code 1: May be used when patrolling, or general driving. All officers should be in code 1 until a situation arises. In code 1 you may not speed, and have to follow ALL road rules.

Code 2: May be used when responding to a non-life-threatening situation such as regular police backup, suspicious activity, threats, hostage situations. Code 2 is used during pullovers, check points, and pit stops.

Code 3 - May be used when any life threatening, wartime situation, lethal situation such as firefights, or federal reserve situations may be present. Code 3 may also be used during prolonged police chases, only the LEAD vehicle should have code 3 enabled, all other officers should be in code 2.

Roleplay and Respect

Roleplay is the idea of immersing yourself into the role given to you are given within the game. As police officers, you should act and perform the same way you would in real life.

Rule #1 - NEVER BREAK CHARACTER - This means you should NEVER use your scrollwheel to find out a players name for the purpose of

Pulling players over because you scroll wheeled their name.
Searching players because you scroll wheeled their name.
Following, watching, or acting defensively around a player because you scroll wheeled their name.
Searching the wanted list because you scroll wheeled their name
Telling other police something along the lines of "Player123 is in that vehicle pull him over he shot someone earlier"

If any of the above is used (not limited to those situations) in game, the Officer that broke the rules listed above will be put on probation or suspension.

If you see a player walking by with a mask on IN TOWN, tell them to put it away, if they do not, THAT is reasonable suspicion. If they have a weapon out, tell them to leave town or put their weapons away. If they do not, THAT is reasonable suspicion.

Retraining and Detaining

If you have them restrained for a good reason, ASK them for their name. If they do not give you their name, tell them you will fingerprint scan them, walk to your vehicle, wait 3 seconds, walk back. Pretend to perform a fingerprint scan, walk back to the truck, THEN you can search the wanted list for their name, and continue roleplaying.

If you are detaining someone to question them they do not need to be restrained unless they pose a threat. Unless the person in question has committed any illegal acts that person does not have to answer questions.


All tickets are considered a warning to the person of interest if they are seen breaking the same law twice they will receive a jail sentence. The prices set on the ticket list should be followed accordingly any troopers reported not using the set guidelines will face disciplinary actions.

Weapons and Illegal Gear

Any weapon that is on a players back is visible, any shemag is also considered illegal. If the player is in a major city, tell them to put the weapon in their backpack unless of course this is a rebel weapon in that case the weapon should be seized immediately, or the mask in their backpack. If they do not do this, at that time the weapon may be seized. If they fail to comply, restrain them, remove their weapons, and ticket them.

Communication and 10 Codes

Communicating is a key factor in the usefulness of the police force, tactical communications and well trained cops will handle situations much more effectively during 99% of the situations we will run into.

The Following Codes will be used for the radio.
10-4 Copy
10-7 Out of service
10-8 Back in service
10-23 Arriving on scene
10-24 Assignment complete
10-29 Check for Wanted
10-32 Shots Fired
10-38 Stopping Suspicious Vehicle
10-40 Silent Run No Light/ Sirens
10-50 Vehicle crash
10-51 Wrecker Needed
10-52 Ambulance request
10-67 Clear Net for Message
10-76 En Route
10-78 Vehicle Stop
10-80 Chase In Progress
10-95 Subject in custody
10-98 Prison break
code-4 Scene is clear

Police Backup

When an officer calls for backup, at least ONE other officer MUST respond. If an officer calls for backup and nobody answers or nobody responds within a given time, punishment will be brought on all officers in the channel. This is of course negotiable if the officer gives insufficient information about the situation on location, etc.

------------------------------------------- Off Duty Officers SOP ------------------------------------------------


Rules Of Off Duty Activities

When you are online as a civilian you are going to be viewed as an off duty officer. You are to obey all laws and regulations set forth by civilian laws. If you are caught breaking any laws you will face consequences and face a hearing with Internal Affairs.

If you see a Officer in distress you may assist that Officer as long as he/she is aware you are an off duty Officer and that Officer makes all other Officers responding to the scene aware that you are assisting.

You may carry an off duty firearm with you but this firearm must be a handgun. The only time you are permitted to have anything larger is if the Officer on the scene you are assisting offers you another weapon.

You must conduct yourself with professionalism on and off duty all issues that arise will be taken care of with TACT or you will face a disciplinary hearing.

If you see any Officers or off duty officers not following the rules and regulations set forth please report that player to Internal Affairs.
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