Support Application (COPY AND PASTE)

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Support Application (COPY AND PASTE)

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:53 pm

Firstly, thank you for considering joining our Support Team here at Blackout Reborn. The Support Team play a vital role within any community regardless of origin! The Support Team are the first line of Support that will fix the majority of problems and answer questions when capable. Blackout Reborn Staff will be around at any given time to help newly recruited Support Team members understand the basics through anything they wish to learn or know more about. I cannot stress it enough, but without a fully functional Support Team communities will suffer due to this.

18+ years of age
Works well in teams
Can problem solve and lead by example
Must be a registered and accepted member of Blackout Reborn
Civilian of the community for 2 weeks
No warning points
Clean record (no bans)
General understanding of Arma 3 and technology related problems/patches

Please write your responses in a different color than white e.g.

What is your Role-playing name? Brian Escobar

Template below

What is your role playing name?

How old are you?

What interested you in becoming a Support Team Member? (150 words)

How can you benefit the community and the Support Team? (150 words)

Do you have any past experience within any staff role? (Which communities? Role?)

Give us a basic insight to your daily life? (Your hobbies, etc., no word count)

How many hours per week are you willing to dedicate to the Support Team and your duties?

Any additional information we should know about — for example, hearing impairment, etc.?

What is your primary purpose in the Support Team, e.g., are you here to move up the chain of command?


Do you understand that as a Support Team you represent the community and anything you may do can negatively impact the community?

Do you understand that you are to follow the Chain of Command to a further extent given your new position of power?

Do you understand that your Head of Support & Assistant Head of Support have the right to remove you at any given time?

Do you understand that your role as a Support Team Member isn’t to be taken lightly as your role is just as important as any other staff?

Do you agree that you have read and understood all of the above? Additionally, are you aware of your duties and are willing to uphold the responsibilities if you were accepted?



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