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Ty staff app

Post by [NDC] Ty on Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:35 am

What is your role playing name? [NDC] Ty

How old are you? 21

What interested you in becoming a Support Team Member? (150 words)
What interested me in becoming a support team member on this server is I like to help people. I also would like to help make this server populated and on of the best servers out there. While I was on the server I meet some of the admin and saw how helpful they were. They made sure that we did not hack the server to spawn a weapon we can not get. They even help use when we first join the server. With being a staff member on two different server it made me want to try and apply on the server that my gang wants to stay on. With all the new stuff you guys are going add and how well you guys are going to improve the server made me even more interested in join the support team and help you guys make this server an server that we and everyone else can call home.

How can you benefit the community and the Support Team? (150 words)
I can on benefit you with the knowledge and experience I have tame from being a staff member on different servers. On the two of the serve I played on I have been a moderator, support staff, head admin and a founder. I know do not play favorites and I have to make a decision about banning someone for sometime. I have experience keeping order and making sure other support members on the server are not using there power just for fun and i can remember the rules to make sure people don't break anything even if they are apart of my gang. I can help you guys get more member with posting on reddit and out help make different events on the server to give people more stuff to do on the server and want to keeping playing till the next server event. I know how to work on teamspeak with all the permissions and i know how all the infistar powers works.

Do you have any past experience within any staff role? (Which communities? Role?)
I have experience of being a support staff and moderator on HighOctane and i was a founder and head admin on Novum Altis

Give us a basic insight to your daily life? (Your hobbies, etc., no word count)
My basic life is working about 12 hrs a day as a security force member. i help our chaplin in their game room on my day off and i like to play differnet pc and ps4 games.

How many hours per week are you willing to dedicate to the Support Team and your duties?
about 15 to 20 a week

Any additional information we should know about — for example, hearing impairment, etc.?
there is nothing i can think of at this time.

What is your primary purpose in the Support Team, e.g., are you here to move up the chain of command?
I would like to move up the chain of command but i mostly would like to help with make this server one of the best server on arma 3.


Do you understand that as a Support Team you represent the community and anything you may do can negatively impact the community? i do understand

Do you understand that you are to follow the Chain of Command to a further extent given your new position of power? i do understand

Do you understand that your Head of Support & Assistant Head of Support have the right to remove you at any given time? i do understand

Do you understand that your role as a Support Team Member isn’t to be taken lightly as your role is just as important as any other staff? i do

Do you agree that you have read and understood all of the above? Additionally, are you aware of your duties and are willing to uphold the responsibilities if you were accepted? i will uphold all responsibilities

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